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Cicada is a content and writing agency based in Minneapolis, MN. We write locally, broadcast globally. Digital marketing, content strategy, SEO and social media optimization.
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We’re interested in having your communication be heard.

Revel in your newly-minted content thanks to Cicada.

distinct process

We are with you. You are the experts, we are guiding the harvest of your fans and followers.

smart organization

There is beauty in simplicity. We love to manage day-to-day communication tasks.

brilliant copy

Choosing Cicada means opting for astute copy from newsletters to blogs to social posts.


First we listen, then we write. Continue with your work knowing the content of your blog, Facebook page and newsletter is being strategically created. We build thoughtful, extensive content calendars based on strategies formed from your business’ goals and mission. The synergy of Cicada’s communication prowess and your brilliant business means your message is always distinct, clear and heard.

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When Cicada takes the reigns, here is what you can expect:

Expect to fall in love with your brand or service all over again with content from Cicada.

Because of low overhead, you are getting superb content from Cicada for a competitive price.

Cicada has clients and contacts around the world for a global perspective you'll appreciate.

We're always thinking at Cicada producing compelling content for our clients.

We're active at Cicada--attending conferences and seminars on the latest trends (for you).

Cicada makes things happen. We're poised to complete your checklist and get you out there.


Content creators extraordinaire.

Claire DeBerg, ceo
Ellen Boomer
Ellen Boomer, writer
Juliet Farmer
Juliet Farmer, writer
Sierra Schermerhorn, writer
Allison Anderson, assistant

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We’re writing, are you listening?


Cicada is based in Minneapolis and broadcasts worldwide.